The Rare Traits Trilogy

‘With the right DNA, you could be free from disease, free from ageing.
You could even, perhaps, live forever.
John Andrews has the right DNA’

Set from the mid-fourteen hundreds to the present day, Rare Traits interweaves DNA, art history and forensic science to trace the life and identities of 600-year-old artist John Andrews — his loves, families and friends, — and the challenges he faces over the centuries in order to survive. For no matter how long he lives, John can never stop looking over his shoulder.

Delusional Traits and Murderous Traits continue the saga and broaden the story to John’s offspring who share his bizarre DNA, particularly his long-lost daughter Paola born in the early 16th Century.

With over six thousand downloads, the first book in the trilogy, Rare Traits, has received a large number of very positive reviews from excited readers who loved the excitement of a story that evolves over the centuries interwoven with a fast-paced thriller set in the present day. Many of those readers have continued their exploration of the Trilogy by downloading both Delusional Traits and Murderous Traits.

The ebooks are only £2.99/$3.99 each. Why not take the plunge and try out Rare Traits for starters? You won’t regret it!

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Rare Traits978-1-912406-050

Delusional Traits978-1-912406-067

Murderous Traits978-1-912406-074

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A Thoroughly Great Read by Steve McCarthy Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

One of the best reads I have ever come across. It alternates between interwoven stories so well, it is a delight to read. Twists and turns at every corner. A fabulous book. I can hardly wait to get my hands on his other times. Brilliant.

Best Read of the Year by Amanda Jane Buncott Format: Paperback/verified purchase

Brilliant, highly recommended

Rare Traits by TG Format Kindle Edition/ Verified Purchase

This is a hidden gem. I have really enjoyed the book and its unique plot lines....... I would recommend it as a good read and I agree with another reviewer that this would make a great film.

Fantastic by Ameenha Kindle edition/verified purchase

The most intriguing subject - DNA allowing persons to live for hundreds of years with the appearance of 30-year olds. The many challenges in keeping their "secret" WOW. Glimpses of lifetimes in history blended with science of today was written so well.
And this is the first of a trilogy! So excited to read on.
I highly recommend this book.

Fascinating, Mind Blowing by Uma I. Van Roosenbeek Format: Kindle Edition

This is a brilliant book combining near immortality, intricacies of genetics and a glimpse into the utterly riveting world of human genome and its intricacies. ..... To me, a geneticist, it was spellbound and delightful so much that I had to get the other books in the series!! .....encompasses several different genres and excels in each and every one of them.

Loved This Book by BK Probston Kindle editon/verified purchase

Wow, what an author and what a story he tells! I loved this is such an unusual plot and so very well written that I immediately ordered the next two books to finish the trilogy.....can't say that about many of the 'firsts' in other trilogies! I hope that Mr. Clarke continues to write and can't wait to see what he comes up with next in plotlines.