Murderous Traits – Reviews

Reviews on Amazon (UK & US) – Totals as of 23 March 2015

Total : 6 – Five Star x 5; Four Star x 1

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Superb Read all three books and couldn’t get enough..absolutely fantastic david George Clarke..keep them coming cause I’m hooked..where are we going next? Martin Smith on Amazon UK 16 March 2015

Some Loose Ends Tied Up This is Book Three of the Rare Traits trilogy, examining another branch of John Andrews’ family – his granddaughter Sara, who was separated from John’s daughter Paola as a young child and who has no clue that she’s special until she starts investigating her childhood abandonment and meets the rest of the family. It takes place in modern times to a great degree but is written with the same care and historical detail, and brings back almost all the characters we got to know in Book One. Paola has had a more difficult time adjusting to immortality as a woman constricted by her gender, and has turned into somewhat of a problem. Read it and find out how. However, read the first two first. – Proofreader on Amazon US 11 March 2015

A Fitting Conclusion To The Trilogy Thoroughly enjoyed the final installment in the trilogy. It ties everything together well, and though you feel there could be another book in the series – the concept is so clever, it could go on and on – it’s a fitting conclusion to the thrilling journey we started right back with the first in the series, Rare Traits. Looking forward to the next novel! Lea Woodward on Amazon UK  1March 2015

Easy read something for everyone, enjoyable! Thank you Interesting conclusion to the trilogy. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the three books. The characters develop nicely, you feel you know them intimately by the time you finish. The stories contain something for everyone, drama, thriller, love interest, science, history , geographical description etc.
The historical, scientific and place descriptions are accurate and interesting. I assume there could be a follow up book, following the characters post- drama. I wasn’t surprised by the ending. Well done – HMR on Amazon UK  21 February 2015

Five Stars A terrific page-turner, I look forward to more books by this authorJ Harrison on Amazon UK 14 February 2015