Remorseless will be published on …

… Saturday 19 August!

At last, after a rather longer period of editing etc. than I anticipated, Remorseless, the second novel in the Cotton & Silk Thriller series is ready. For a limited time, it will be priced at just £1.99, $2.99, €1.99, or equivalent, after which it will go up to £2.99 or equivalent.

So don’t delay! In fact you can take action right now by pre-ordering the book. Follow this link for Amazon UK, or this one for Amazon US. For other Amazon sites, simply block and copy ‘Remorseless A Cotton & Silk Thriller’  and paste it into the search bar. Once you have pre-ordered it, it will automatically hit your Kindle on 19 August.

Pre-ordering will help me too in that the book will get a spike of sales on its first day of publication, pushing it up the Amazon ratings and therefore making it more noticeable to others.

You have a Nook or a Kobo or one of the other brands of e-reader? Remorseless will be available for download on those too very soon.

What’s Remorseless all about? Here’s the backblurb from the paperback version, which I hope will also be available from 19 August:

Detective Constable Jennifer Cotton is convalescing at her stepfather’s villa on Sardinia, slowly recovering from the vicious assault in Nottinghamshire’s Harlow Wood that almost claimed her life. Initially convinced that her assailant will not risk being caught by attacking her again, she is forced to face reality when a killing spree commences in England targeting individuals from that fateful night.

However, when the search for the serial killer goes cold and Jennifer is back to full health, she puts all her energy into her new role with the London Metropolitan Police’s Art Fraud Squad who are investigating a multi-million-pound art-forgery racket based in Italy.

But has Jennifer’s nemesis gone to ground permanently or is she closer than Jennifer thinks, biding her time?

REMORSELESS is the gripping sequel to Irrefutable Evidence in which Jennifer once again finds herself in the cross hairs of a merciless serial killer who will stop at nothing until she has achieved her revenge, a killer without scruples, a killer bent on retribution.

Yes, it’s the sequel to Irrefutable Evidence. But will there be more in the series? Of course there will, in a year or so, after I’ve finished the novel I’m currently working on: La Villa D’Illuzioni, a stand-alone suspense thriller set in the heart of Tuscany.

What? You haven’t read Irrefutable Evidence yet! Here’s another good deal. For five days starting on 19 August, Irrefutable Evidence will be FREE on Amazon instead of the normal £2.99.

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