Murderous Motives

Finally a title for my latest book! and a cover.

Throughout the writing of the book, which started back in the spring of 2016, the working title was always Unfinished Business. It was a good title since it reflected what the book is all about – a sequel to Irrefutable Evidence in which Olivia Freneton’s outstanding account, as she sees it, is settled. However, on searching Amazon, I discovered that there are more than twenty books with the same title — I stopped counting after twenty! And that was the problem with all the other titles I came up with: someone else had used them. Not that it’s an absolute requirement to invent an original title, but on the whole, it’s to be preferred.

So, Murderous Motives it is, along with a tagline that leads into the title. Once the editing is over, I’ll be announcing a release date. In the meantime, I may soon be releasing at least a part of it to subscribers to my newsletter, probably later this month once I’ve had a bit of feedback from beta readers.

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