It’s all systems go for CrimeFest in Bristol next month. Arrangements are still on-going,  but one exciting bit of news is that I’ve been longlisted for this year’s FlashBang flash fiction competition. In case that means nothing to you, flash fiction is very short stories, typically 99-150 words. For CrimeFest, the challenge was to write a crime novel in ≤150 words!

Longlisted means that my flash fiction story has been included among 12 stories chosen by the judges from a total entry of 70. For obvious reasons, the judges are not given the names of the authors; they just see the stories.  The longlist is currently being reduced to a shortlist of 5 stories from which the winner is selected during the CrimeFest meeting . Authors on the shortlist will be informed later this month.

Again, for obvious reasons I can’t give details of my story at this stage, but I shall be posting it later on regardless of whether I get any further. I’ve written a couple of others too, which I’ll post very soon. To give you an idea of what 150 words looks like, this post is 183!

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