Irrefutable Evidence


A SERIAL KILLER stalks her victims, a woman whose motive for murder is to frame innocent men.

Men she chooses with care.

Men she traps with skillfully crafted forensic evidence.

Irrefutable evidence.

HENRY SILK, star of a popular TV soap, is an actor with a bad-boy reputation. When police link his car to a body found in woods near Nottingham, he is dismissive; they must be mistaken. But with no alibi, no memory of the night of the killing and an increasingly watertight case against him, his disdain turns to horror when he is charged with murder.

JENNIFER COTTON, the young detective constable who uncovers much of the damning evidence, has no doubt about the actor’s guilt until an unexpected revelation turns her world on its head. Unceremoniously removed from the case and her reputation in tatters, she risks her future by pursuing her own investigation, determined to prove Silk’s innocence.

As one startling discovery leads to another, Jennifer draws closer to the real killer, and closer to a potentially fatal confrontation.

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