On this page you can check out other blogs whose authors have been kind enough to interview me. They are in order of most recent first.


Interview with Leigh Shulman of The Future is Red

Leigh and her husband Noah and daughter Lila are slowly travelling the world engaging in art, photography and community projects where they happen to be living. Currently they are in Salta, Argentina where they have set up a great project aimed at bringing improved basic resources to a local community. It’s called Cloudhead – check it out.

Leigh’s called her interview with me : Interview with David George Clarke: Writer, forensic scientist & world traveler and she kicks it off as follows:

I started my day researching places to sell photography online. Next thing I know, I’m chatting about art, photography and how to build a business online. Yes, have been derailed from work for the day, but the connections I made are more than worth it.’ For the rest, follow this link


Interview with Derek Murphy of Creativ-Indie

Derek’s tagline for his site is ‘Helping Authors and Artists Get Famous and Retire Young‘. Mmmm. I’m not sure about the fame and it’s a bit late for me to consider retiring young! Whatever, Derek’s site is packed with advice and ideas all related to the worlds of writing and art.

Derek wears a number of hats and I met him through his book cover design service. After we linked up, we had many exchanges of email thrashing out the ideas and designs for the cover of Rare Traits. I’m certainly very pleased with the final outcome.

My interview with Derek revolved around my getting into the world of art restoration once Gail and I moved to Italy. It’s called ‘Becoming DaVinci – how to retire in Tuscany and become an art restoration expert‘ and you can check it out here