Exciting News!

My fifth novel, Remorseless — the second novel in the Cotton & Silk Thriller series — will be available at all Amazon sites from 19 August 2017 and from most other ebook sites soon after.

You can pre-order HERE for the UK link and HERE for the US link. If you live elsewhere, go to the Amazon site for your country and type ‘Remorseless A Cotton & Silk Thriller’ into the search bar for the link. The paperback version should also be available by the 19th as well, with luck!

And in conjunction with the release of Remorseless, Irrefutable Evidence — the first Cotton & Silk thriller — which is normally priced £2.99 or equivalent, will be FREE for five days (19–23 August).

So why not click on that pre-order button now ?— here’s the UK one and here’s the US one once again — and then when Remorseless appears on your Kindle on 19 August, you will be reminded to download the free version of Irrefutable Evidence.

You may have noticed from the banner at the top of the page that the covers for the Rare Traits Trilogy books have all been revised, as has the cover for Irrefutable Evidence. I like the new DNA double helix on the Trilogy books far more than the rather worm-like previous one. To my eye, it forms more of a bridge both dividing and linking the characters across the centuries. The book contents have also undergone something of a revision in that they have all been re-proofread and then reformatted using the wonderful Vellum program, giving them a far more professional look.

Here are screen grabs from Vellum of a page from Rare Traits on the Kindle Paperwhite and in paperback format.


My paperback books and ebooks all now have their own ISBNs, rather than CreateSpace-assigned ones or none at all. I’ve done this partly for the long-term protection of the titles and partly because I’m in the process of setting up the books with IngramSpark, the book distributors who now have a large print-on-demand organisation. Once the books are with them, all my present and future books should be available for order as paperbacks worldwide. An exciting prospect.

Writing for my sixth book, a stand-alone suspense thriller, is underway. If I tell you that it will be called La Villa D’Illuzioni, it should come as no surprise that it will be set entirely in Italy. More details later.

For a more detailed insight into my novels, click on any one of the images below and you will head to my ‘Books’ page.

Happy reading!


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