Exciting News!

My fourth novel, Irrefutable Evidence, is now available at all Amazon sites while my first novel, Rare Traits, is permanently FREE at all ebook outlets.

If that isn’t exciting enough, there is also now a free offer to all subscribers to my monthly newsletter – see the panel on the right.

Now you’re fired up with enthusiasm, I’ll tell you more.

As you can see from the banner, Rare Traits is part of a trilogy set in many locations over a time frame of almost six hundred years. You can find more details here. Reviews have been good (Rare Traits has over 80 5-star reviews) so what are you waiting for? And once you’ve taken the plunge and started reading them, don’t keep all that excitement to yourself: spread the news! – add your review to the list and of course, tell anyone and everyone you can.

My fourth book, Irrefutable Evidence, is a modern crime thriller based in Nottingham, UK that draws heavily on my forensic background. Published on Amazon on 5 February 2016, you can find all the details here.

My latest novel, Murderous Motives, a sequel to Irrefutable Evidence set in England and Italy, is currently (January 2017) going through the proofreading and copy-editing mill. If that all goes well, I hope it will be ready for self-publishing in a couple of months.

Plans for the next book are still just plans. But the idea is coming to the boil and at least for this book I have a title before I start. If I tell you that it will be called Ca’ Vecchia, it should come as no surprise that it will be set entirely in Italy. More details later.

If you’ve got this far, that’s brilliant. You really have no excuse not to click on one of the images below to get your copies – for all four books, your total outlay will be a mere US$11.97 (£9.63)! It’s hard to get a decent drink in some bars for that, and a book lasts far longer.

Photography? I was in fact a photographer long before I started writing. As can be seen in the sidebar, I am now combining these two activities by giving subscribers to my newsletter free downloads of some of my images to use as wallpaper on their computer desktops. If you want to part of that and build your folder of my images, head across to the sidebar and click on the image of Dubai.

Enjoy the images and happy reading!


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