A Serial Killer Strikes; A Woman Dies. An Innocent Man Is Framed.

The Cotton & Silk Thrillers

Introducing Detective Constable Jennifer Cotton and TV Soap actor Henry Silk, the first two novels in the Cotton & Silk Thriller series are both guaranteed to keep you burning the midnight oil as you can’t stop turning the pages.


Henry Silk, star of a popular TV soap, is an actor with a bad-boy reputation. When police link his car to a body found in woods near Nottingham, he is dismissive: they must be mistaken. But with no alibi, no memory of the night of the killing and an increasingly watertight case against him, his disdain turns to horror when he is charged with murder.
Jennifer Cotton, the young detective constable who uncovers much of the damning evidence, has no doubt about the actor’s guilt until an unexpected revelation turns her world on its head. Unceremoniously removed from the case and her reputation in tatters, she risks her future by pursuing her own investigation, determined to prove Silk’s innocence.
As one startling discovery leads to another, Jennifer draws closer to the real killer, and closer to a potentially fatal confrontation.
A gripping tale full of believable characters interwoven with humour and drama, Irrefutable Evidence is an action-packed crime thriller guaranteed to keep the reader guessing.


A synopsis would be a spoiler! Let’s just say the Remorseless carries on from where Irrefutable Evidence left off! 🙂

The ebooks are only £2.99/$3.99 each. Why not take the plunge? You won’t regret it although you may lose some sleep!

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Irrefutable Evidence: 978-1-912-406-08-1      Remorseless: 978-1-912406-09-8

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Happy reading! 🙂


5 Stars: An Irrefutably Good Read by Marion Godfrey Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This is a ripping yarn in the best traditions of nail-biting, edge-of-seat crime writing. The characterisations are excellent, as is the carefully researched background detail which is such a distinctive feature of Clarke's writing. ......manages to give his heroes and heroines some flaws and yet make them interesting, credible and likeable. Clarke's knowledge is forensic in every respect and this 'insider' knowledge informs the story and gives it a sound basis .... If only someone would pick up on Clarke's detective, Jennifer Cotton, and make this into a TV series. The narrative sweeps the story along at page-turning pace and the ending certainly invites future novels.........More, more, more!

5 Stars: Unputdownable! by Thriller Fan Paperback Verified Purchase

Such a clever storyline with the action moving along at a cracking pace and the expert forensic detail making the weaving of the storyline utterly fascinating. The main characters are very well drawn with a wonderful baddie at the heart of the plot. The final scenes have you on the edge of your seat and you are not sure who is going to come away from it all, still standing. I read the book almost constantly until I had finished it and will be looking forward to reading the next one. Highly recommended.

5 Stars: I Loved This Book by Amazon Customer. Format: Paperback

I loved this book. It ticked all the boxes for me - great characters, good plot, plenty of little twists, set in Nottingham so I recognised all the places (not that that was important). I want to see a whole series of these - this guy writes believable goodies and fabulously evil baddies! I agree with a previous reviewer - it would make an excellent movie. Bring on the next one!

5 Stars: Believable, flawed goodies, the most frighteningly evil baddie… by brymaruk

Format: Paperback/verified purchase

Believable, flawed goodies, the most frighteningly evil baddie, plenty of tense situations, meticulously researched forensic detail and a cliffhanger twist at the end make this a book you will find it very hard to put down, and you will be gnawing your finger nails waiting for the next one.......

5 Stars: Excellent Plot by Suey Morton 7 September 2017 Verified Purchase

I was hooked from the first chapter waiting to see what plot was going to happen. Excellent storyline. You couldn't guess the outcome. Well written and well worth reading.


5 Stars: Remorseless tension to an explosive ending by HMR 5 Sept 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Remorseless an excellent title! Remorseless tension from page one! The book draws you into the complex world of art fraud and revenge, switching between the UK and Europe until the explosive end! Excellent follow up to Refutable Evidence and characters from the Rare Traits Trilogy also woven into the storyline!

5 Stars: Unputdownable by Alice Clarke 27 Aug 2017 Verified Purchase

Loved this book - smart, fast paced and kept me on my toes. Couldn't put it down much to my family's annoyance. (Note I am NOT a relative - last name is total coincidence!)

5 Stars: Could not put down (literally) by A Reader 25 Aug 2017 Verified Purchase

I have read and enjoyed all five of David Clarke’s fiction books. Each one has cost me sleep because I’ve made the mistake of getting to the home stretch when I should have been going to bed, but have not been able to put it down. I thought I would be able to time reading Remorseless better, but I failed, so it’s safe to say I enjoyed it.

In terms of pure quality of writing, I think Remorseless is the author’s best written so far - he has honed his skills - with the best balance of pace and control of the plot. Some predictability, so that you think you know what’s coming next, but then surprise that wrong-foots you. And characters that you feel you know personally, and settings that feel real in my mind from having read the book.

Having said all that, I would still strongly recommend Rare Traits, which I enjoyed very much and had an intriguing premise, and I would also suggest that anyone read Irrefutable Evidence before reading Remorseless, because Remorseless is a sequel and taking them in reverse would be a total spoiler.

In short: do try this author, and I am looking forward to his next book.