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Spreading the word again – presentations to HeadStart International School

There’s nothing quite like the challenge of standing up in front of an audience and talking about what you do and how you do it to clarify your thought processes about being an ‘author’ or ‘writer’ or ‘novelist’. Continue Reading →

A New Cover for Rare Traits

The cover of a book should never be underestimated, despite the famous adage. It’s the flagship for every book, the first thing that is seen on a bookshelf, whether that bookshelf is real or virtual. I think it’s even more important now in the world of ebooks since we are bombarded with book cover images… Continue Reading →

Spreading the word – HK Book reading/Phuket school visit

Book readings are a great way to spread the word about a new release. As reported in an earlier post, about a year ago, a couple of months after Rare Traits was published, I gave a talk about it and a reading of three short passages at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club in Hong… Continue Reading →

Another Great Review for Rare Traits

Things have been fairly subdued on the sales front over the past couple of months, so it’s very encouraging when another five star review pops up out of the blue. On 29 June on Amazon US, a lady called Robyn Carter posted the following review, the first  for a while: Best book I have read… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong: Book Reading/Signing and a Radio Interview!

Our recent trip up to Hong Kong for three weeks from our winter hideaway in Phuket had a number of goals. First and foremost, we were there to see the Hong Kong branch of the family: stepdaughter Zoe and granddaughters Lily and Phoebe – do you recognise the names from Rare Traits? Continue Reading →

Ink or Liquid Crystal? – Why Not Both?

Ebooks are brilliant, but printed books are far from dead. If you are an indie author, you really should be maximising your options by going for both. Read on… Continue Reading →

Paperback Publishing Through CreateSpace : Putting ‘Rare Traits’ Into Print

Many indie authors are choosing to stick exclusively to the ebook route rather than suffer the depressing frustration of the myriad slammings-of-door-in-face that inevitably accompany trying to get a book accepted by a publisher or jumping through the hoops required to get their book into the correct shape for print-on-demand.  Continue Reading →

15 Minutes of Fame

In an attempt to kickstart  some sort of sales for my newly released first novel, Rare Traits, I took advantage of Amazon’s KDP deal and put the book on free promotion for two days last week. My daughter sent notifications round her impressive network of business contacts and I contacted just about everyone I know via email,… Continue Reading →