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Hard Times with Hard Drives

It’s too easy to become complacent about your hard drives. Crazy really when you consider they are the guardians of your data, the keepers of everything you value that a few years ago you would have kept locked away in your filing cabinet or in photo albums. And yet you take them for granted. Why? Continue Reading →

Proofreading and Editing – what you can do yourself before you call in the pros – Part III

Since writing the first two parts of this series of three, my recently published second novel, Delusional Traits, has been through various editorial mills and I hope emerged a better beast for it. I am still awaiting feedback from eagle-eyed readers, but I remain confident that it is fairly clean. Certainly it went through plenty… Continue Reading →

Paperback Publishing Through CreateSpace : Putting ‘Rare Traits’ Into Print

Many indie authors are choosing to stick exclusively to the ebook route rather than suffer the depressing frustration of the myriad slammings-of-door-in-face that inevitably accompany trying to get a book accepted by a publisher or jumping through the hoops required to get their book into the correct shape for print-on-demand.  Continue Reading →

15 Minutes of Fame

In an attempt to kickstart  some sort of sales for my newly released first novel, Rare Traits, I took advantage of Amazon’s KDP deal and put the book on free promotion for two days last week. My daughter sent notifications round her impressive network of business contacts and I contacted just about everyone I know via email,… Continue Reading →

Prefer paperback editions? — both Amazon and Barnes & Noble offer this option online through the links above. Or, if you would prefer to support your local bookstore (which I think is a great idea since the bookstore gains and the cost is the same to you), they will be happy to order any or all or the books for you. To help them find the link to their suppliers, here are the ISBNs for each book.

Rare Traits: 978-1-912-406-05-0

Delusional Traits: 978-1-912406-06-7

Murderous Traits: 978-1-912406-07-4

And once you have read each book, please remember to post a review on your ereader site or on Goodreads! Thank you in advance.

Happy reading! :)