Since we live in a world of alternative facts, another change to the title of my latest book should seem nothing out of the ordinary.

Alternative fact one was the working title of Unfinished Business, but as I pointed out in my previous post, this title has been over-used. Hence the move to alternative fact two: Murderous Motives. However, after cogitating on that for a while, mainly on my bike while charging around both the Lincolnshire countryside in semi-freezing conditions, and more recently the Kamala, Phuket countryside in tropical hothouse conditions, the niggling feeling that this wasn’t the best title grew.

So now it’s changed again to Remorseless, which I think is a stronger title and as you will see once you read it, has a wider meaning than its predecessor.

That’s it; no more alternatives. It will be Remorseless. That’s a fact. No more changes. All that remains is to finish up the editing and then get it out there since I’m sure you are itching to read it.

My other two missions for the month of February are firstly to continue with the plot outline of book six, provisionally called Ca’ Abandonata. Set entirely in Italy, this novel has a supernatural twist that is very different from all my previous books. The characters are all new too. So far it’s just at the drafting stage. If that goes well — it’s looking good so far — then writing will begin soon.

Mission two is to continue writing to as many literary agents as I can in the hope that Irrefutable Evidence and Remorseless might appeal to one of them. It’s an uphill battle that makes climbing Everest a breeze by comparison, but I’ll keep trying. If you happen to be best buddy with a literary agent who’s yearning for the next blockbuster, please let me know …

In the meantime, feedback on Remorseless is good and the hunt for toopies,tie-bows typos etc continues.

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