Book Release

Just a reminder that my latest novel, Remorseless, will be published as an ebook on Amazon and most other ebook sites tomorrow, 19 August. The Amazon release will be discounted to just £1.99 or equivalent for a limited period. To ensure you get your copy as soon as possible, you can click on the pre-order button at your preferred ebook site now and the book will be delivered to your ebook reader tomorrow. And remember, the ebook version of Irrefutable Evidence will be free on Amazon for five days starting 19 August to coincide with with the release of Remorseless.

The paperback version of Remorseless is also available from Amazon and, as for all my books, if you would rather support your local bookstore, you will soon be able to order it from there. More information on that when it’s set up.


It’s all systems go for CrimeFest in Bristol next month. Arrangements are still on-going,  but one exciting bit of news is that I’ve been longlisted for this year’s FlashBang flash fiction competition. In case that means nothing to you, flash fiction is very short stories, typically 99-150 words. For CrimeFest, the challenge was to write… Continue Reading →

CrimeFest 2017

I am pleased to tell you that I have been invited to sit on an Indie Author panel at this year’s CrimeFest meeting in Bristol, UK, in May. The panel is moderated by best-selling crime author Zoë Sharp and my three fellow panelists are AA Abbott, Barbara Fagan Speake and Ian Sutherland, all of whom… Continue Reading →

Murderous Motives

Finally a title for my latest book! and a cover. Throughout the writing of the book, which started back in the spring of 2016, the working title was always Unfinished Business. It was a good title since it reflected what the book is all about – a sequel to Irrefutable Evidence in which Olivia Freneton’s… Continue Reading →

A rekindling

If you have occasionally glanced at my blog posts over the past nearly two years, you will have noted one consistent fact: there have been none! The last post was back in the early part of 2015, after which my focus shifted more my writing and less to my site. Something of an omission, on… Continue Reading →

Prefer paperback editions? — both Amazon and Barnes & Noble offer this option online through the links above. Or, if you would prefer to support your local bookstore (which I think is a great idea since the bookstore gains and the cost is the same to you), they will be happy to order any or all or the books for you. To help them find the link to their suppliers, here are the ISBNs for each book.

Rare Traits: 978-1-912-406-05-0

Delusional Traits: 978-1-912406-06-7

Murderous Traits: 978-1-912406-07-4

And once you have read each book, please remember to post a review on your ereader site or on Goodreads! Thank you in advance.

Happy reading! :)